HER2 IHC Refresher Training

HER2 IHC Refresher Training

Global Ring Study HER2 IHC Testing in Breast Cancer

March 31st, 2023 (09:00 CEST), April 05th, 2023 (09:00 CEST), April 05th, 2023 (09:00 EDT), April 12th, 2023 (09:00 CEST), April 12th, 2023 (09:00 EDT), April 18th, 2023 (09:00 CEST)


Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Ulrich Schildhaus


Prof. Dr. med. Hans-Ulrich Schildhaus

Prof. Dr. med. Sunil Badve

Dr. med. Katja Schmitz

Dr. med. Fouad Alchami

Dear colleagues,

A precise HER2 assessment is the basis for the decision to treat breast cancer and for optimal patient care. Challenges in this process include accurate quantification of HER2 staining intensity, membrane or cytoplasmic staining, sample quality and the assay selection.

The focus of this particular HER2 IHC Refresher Training is to improve the skills to distinguish HER2 expression in the lower ranges across different HER2 assays.

Prof. Hans Ulrich Schildhaus


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