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Targos is now a Discovery Life Sciences Company!

Targos’ capabilities are now available, alongside a full range of biospecimens and biomarker services offered by Discovery Life Sciences™ to help you discover, develop, and validate tissue biomarkers at every stage of research and development.

Power your precision biomarker programs with Targos-supported tissue biomarker services at Discovery Life Sciences.

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We are saddened and concerned about the attack on Ukraine.
Our thoughts are especially with our friends and colleagues in Kiev.

Друзі, ми з вами!

Attack on Ukraine 24.02.2022


Acquires Targos To Create Market-Leading
Global Tissue Biomarker Services

Discovery Life Sciences

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Press Release 18 May 2021

15 years

a sustainable approach to international standardization of predictive biomarker testing.

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Expert Training at Targos

To our Valued Customers, Partners and Suppliers:
Targos is closely monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and has already taken all necessary measures in accordance to the recommended pandemia plan in the beginning of March. As we strictly follow this pandemia plan in order to ensure the protection and safety of our employees, customers, partners and suppliers, we are able to prevent spread of the infection within the company once an employee should be infected. Our team is very well prepared and continues to work in all aspects of our service portfolio, including central testing, assay validation and biomarker training. All incoming samples are currently analyzed with the same speed and diligence as usual. Our suppliers keep on providing us with essential reagents, which continue to ensure analyses in the ongoing clinical trials.
The Targos Advance Biomarker training courses for PD-L1 and Her2 applications have been successfully switched to a virtual format avoiding personal contacts. Please contact us for additional information at info@targos-gmbh.de.
Thank you for your continued support.
Yours sincerely, Thomas Henkel CEO

COVID-19 Statement

The One Health Initiative:
Comparative Pathology

The “One Health initiative” www.onehealthinitiative.com fosters close interactions between physicians and veterinarians with the goal to further investigate neoplastic, nutritional and metabolic diseases, environmental health threats and zoonotic diseases.

Comparative pathology:

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One Health initiative

Image: Brain of a rabbit with meningoencephalitis.

Targos & Ultivue

Targos and Ultivue partner to incorporate highly standardized UltiMapper™ tissue multiplex phenotypic assays in support of clinical research services.

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Press Information

Predictive Biomarkers
in Oncology

Research and experience of Targos staff
- Published by Springer

20. February 2019
Targos is proud to present the new comprehensive Springer Nature publication Predictive Biomarkers in Oncology. Applications in Precision Medicine- edited by Sunil Badve, Indiana University and George Kumar, Targos Inc, co-authored by many international experts from academic, clinical, government (FDA, NCI), and industry background: demonstrating our network and expertise.

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